BSOD error 0x050


Before 1-2 weeks computer was running normal. From that, every now and than after 25-30 min i get BSOD with error 0x00000050 or 0x0000001e

Was reading earlier posts and tried everything from memtest for 12h, cpu and gpu testing and still no have idea what's wrong.
I have this dump files and I can't realize what's wrong.....

I bought new hard drive and installed new copy of windows 7 x64 again and same problem

amd phenom II x2 545
gigabyte ma770-ud3
ati radeon 4870
4 gg DDR2 ram (dont know brand)
corsair 500W
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  1. With bsod's so un-related, i would first use memtest86+ let it run overnight

    For those who do not want to download.

  2. i did. Memtest was running for 12h and no error reported
  3. Have you run any hard drive tests, if the drive is going bad you may get errors as well.

    checkdsk /f
  4. Only tried with hd tune, coz I don't know for anything else....
  5. sry. Forget to mention, tried with checkdsk /f and still no error
  6. You tried disconnecting memory modules and graphics cards do some clean up and connect them again?

    Points to HDD/RAM

    Bug Check 0x24: NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM

    Points to HDD/RAM


    Points to RAM/DRIVER

    While the first two BSOD messages could be related to HDD errors, the third points more toward RAM. Run memtest86 on each stick of memory one at a time and see if any of the sticks come back with errors.

    If not, try running with one stick of RAM for a day. If no crashes, try the next one, and go through each stick of RAM. One or more of the sticks probably has an error somewhere.
  8. ok. tnx, will try memtest

    this just happend a while ago

    @wifiwolf - yes, i did
  9. Still have a bet on memory, but normally after 12 hours memtest86+ catches something.

    That said, memory that is not compatible with a board can do some strange things and yet still memtest86+(saw this once with a p35 board) did not see any error.

    One thing maybe not covered yet, but is your cpu overclocked or overheating. Have you tested the cpu temperatures with something like hwmon. you can get many errors when a cpu is clock to high or overheating(but most times a cpu will just shut off).

    EDIT, you have a mouse pointer on your bsod?
  10. no, cpu is not overclocked and temperatures are just fine. Not over 50 celzius gpu,cpu,psu, or anything else. That was first i cheched. First thing tomorow morning memtest for 12+ hours.

    yes, mouse pointer is present but i cannot move it
  11. Memtest works great if a bit is permantly stuck in RAM. If a bit *sometimes* doesn't flip though, it has far less success. Hence why I normally test a single stick at a time.

    Worst case, just run windows with a single stick. If you BSOD, try the other one. If you BSOD on both, then its probably not RAM.
  12. will try. tnx
  13. Tried with your method gamerk316 removing one stick out and then another, and putting new stick of ram and same error.

    Now it must be motherboard because i tried everything new except CPU which I doubt is wrong....
  14. Hi,

    Here you have the answer.

    You have to uninstall windows update KB2834140 and restart computer. Next, you have to install update KB2670838 and restart your computer. Next, you have to install update KB2834140 one more time and restart. And finally you have to install new version of your graphic drivers.

    That's the way of BSOD 0x050 !
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