ASUS P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe w/GeForce GT 640

Hello! I am trying to mod my computer, durrr... I just wanted to know, how far will this motherboard get me? Can I get a new quadcore processor put in? Will GeForce GT 640 run compatible with it? I'm absolutely clueless and just want an easy fix! My old video card is dying on me and I obviously am over due for an upgrade. :)
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  1. And if I need to upgrade my MOBO what do you suggest for a quick safe install? :D
  2. you cannot upgrade t00 quadc0re ur mobo doesnt support it. whats ur budget?
  3. will that video card work with it... my video card is frying out and i have dual core right now.
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    Your motherboard has a pcie 16x slot, it will work, as long as you have a decent psu within 350W, you're fine.
  5. yeah i believe mine is 700W. I'm just looking to piece my computer together as I can afford it. I'll get the video card, then check out a motherboard/quadcore combo.
  6. Then it will work.
  7. what he said.
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  9. cheers
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