Is it worth building a computer for 1k?

I have always built my own computer about once every other year. I use the best available components and end up spending around 2-3K. I promised my daughter I would get her a desktop computer as she has been using a laptop for awhile now. I just wonder it if makes sense to try and build one for 1k. It doesn't seem like much to work with and I see some fairly inexpensive desktops advertised on newegg. Just looking for some opinions on this before I undergo trying to piece one together. Thanks in advance.
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  1. 1k USD is enough to build a really decent system. We can help you pick out the best parts for your money if you like. It's better than overpriced pre-builts.
  2. What's its main use going to be? Also, best available components generally are more than you need, the old diminishing returns problem.
  3. Pre-built? It becomes obsolete within a year or two. Build it yourself? Yes. My computer was almost 1K, about $600 USD range. And that includes my gaming keyboard and mouse combo I got from the guy who put my PC together. Anyway, as Excella1221 said, we can help you pick out the best part if you need help or if you want your daughter to feel involved even. It's worth it in my opinion, but my PC is a gaming PC.

    What your daughter is going to be using her PC for might come down to price and parts as well. Good luck to you and your daughter. ^_^
  4. Well, this computer will be used for a 12 year old home school student. Aside from that, she does some light gaming and photo storage. Just needs the essentials. CD rom, usb. Honestly I did pick up a $1k system from Costco which did not come with a monitor but I already had a 25". I have 90 days though to use it. Convince me that I can get something as good for less. I bought this one:

    Dell 8500-4727BK
    12GB memory
    1GB Nvidia Geforce GT 640
    Windows 7
    DVD+/-RW Drive
    Wireless N
    USB 3.0
    Waves MaxAudio
    Keyboard and Mouse

    No monitor. Price $999 + 9.3 tax

    Good luck. Thanks.
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