Will Richland APU work on my HP computer?

I bought a prebuilt HP Pavilion p7-1240 last Dec and was wondering if I will be able to upgrade to the Richland APU's coming out? Here's my specs on the official HP site:


And here is info on Richland: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/AMD-APU-CPU-richland,20640.html

Now Richland wasn't out at the time of the release of this computer, but the motherboard supports an FM2 socket. So I should only have to replace the old APU with the new Richland APU and it will recognize the new APU correct? Or does having a prebuilt computer with a gimped BIOS end up screwing me with this upgrade? I do understand that if I get the most powerful Richland APU I may have to upgrade my PSU as well. I just want to know my options with this computer. Thank you.
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  1. Richland will only work if HP is generous enough to release a BIOS update for that specific motherboard so that it can recognize the new APU.

    The BIOS contain a list of "acceptable APU's / CPU's". If you attempt to install Richland without a BIOS upgrade then there will likely be only two possible outcomes:

    1. The PC will not boot up.
    2. The PC will boot up but Richland runs at the lowest settings.

    A distant 3rd possibility is....

    THERMONUCLEAR EXPLOSION... after all, it is based on fusion technology.
  2. As a footnote, AMD has dropped the "fusion technology" nomenclature as a result of a lawsuit from Boost Up International Limited and Arctic Switzerland AG who trademarked that word "Fusion" for their power supplies.

    That's when AMD started to use the term “Heterogeneous System Architecture” (“HSA”).
  3. Thanks for the info. I guess that answers it then. I doubt HP will be generous enough to upgrade their bios, but stranger things have happened.
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