Computer has been getting extremely slow. Huge FPS hits. Help?


My computer has been getting some terrible slowdowns while gaming to where it's unbearable. Games that used to run perfectly smoothly on moderately high settings are unplayable now. League of Legends in particular has gotten really bad. I used to be able to play at a steady 60+ fps on max settings but now I can barely stay above 30 on mediums and it plummets to 10 and becomes a slideshow whenever anything happens.

I'm really not sure what's going on with it and was hoping for some advice on what I could do. I've already tried a lot of the simpler things that I know how to do such as:

- Multiple virus and malware scans that have all come up clean.
- Cleaned out the harddrive using disk cleanup.
- Uninstalled a large amount of unused programs.
- Used CCleaner to take care of any unneeded files and clean up the registry.
- Was going to defragment but fragmentation is only at 3%.
- Thorough reinstallation of my display drivers to the newest ones.

Here are my specs for reference:
GPU: XFX Radeon HD 6770 1GB - (Not exact but similar.)
CPU: Intel i5 2.66 GHz Lynnfield - [...] 6819115215
Motherboard: ASRock P55 Extreme - [...] 6813157172
RAM: 8 GBs G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600 - [...] 6820231303
HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB - [...] 6822136284
PSU: OCZ GameXStream 700w: - [...] 6817341002

Something worth mentioning as well and what I believe might be related to the issues:
My current GPU is the result of an RMA for my old HD 5770. XFX did not have any more HD 5770s in stock when I sent mine in and they decided to give me the HD 6770 as my old one had turned up faulty. The card has been working fine for the past few months but recently I started to get some weird fragments that always show up in the bottom left corner and right edge of my monitors (I use a 1920x1080 and 1280x1024 setup). They come and go but usually come up when I am trying to run a game or program and are only really noticeable when the screen is black. Could this be an overheating issue related to the GPU and the cause of all these slowdowns?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I've run out of ideas on this one. Reinstalling the drivers seemed to help for a day or so before things go back to how they are now. I'm already getting ready to upgrade to an HD 7970 soon so if this really is a GPU thing then it will make it that much easier to pull the trigger and move on.

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  1. yep sounds like a slow roasting gpu sorry to say

    try running burnin test

    Also how are the heats when you are playing?
  2. PanicMaster85 said:
    yep sounds like a slow roasting gpu sorry to say

    try running burnin test

    Also how are the heats when you are playing?

    Hello Panicmaster85,
    Thank you for your response and recommendation.

    I installed the burn in test tool and I found something scary. I ran a test with my CPU and RAM at 50% and my 2D and 3D at 100%. As soon as I hit start, I began getting critical alerts about temperatures being too high. I looked in the Event Log and it was an endless stream of alerts having to do with my CPU running way too hot. I looked in the temperature tab and it was averaging 95.5C.

    I downloaded RealTemp since I didn't know how to get the exact temperatures on my own and it is currently sitting at 89~90C with 5% load. It climbed 5C while under 50% load and I'm not sure why it's so high.

    Here's a puush image of the RealTemp window:

    Is the heatsink failing somehow? Should I reseat everything and go buy some new thermal paste to apply? I'm not familiar with what would be considered normal on this exact CPU but I do know that 30~60C is about average for these things. This thing is going at 30C higher and staying there. Is this the cause of all my slowdowns and poor performance?

    As for the GPU: the tests were showing it at 53C idle and 59~60C while under 100% load. I didn't let the test run for too long due to the CPU thing but I think this gives a rough estimate of how that is doing and it seems fine after all.

    Any advice or recommendations on what I should do with this would be appreciated.

  3. holly *** that temp is insane :O
  4. maybe you should reapply the paste... or just rma your card :D
  5. Hello, just an update on the situation.

    I went ahead and brought the tower down to the living room and did a complete sweep using a small vacuum and some canned air. It's surprising just how dusty it had gotten in a few months but I cleaned out all the fans and was especially thorough with the CPU heat sink. I unseated it and the CPU and wiped down the residue from the last paste with some alcohol and reapplied some Antec Formula 7 I had found at a local Staples.

    That did the trick!

    I'm getting around 50C idle and 70C while under 100% load now. This is with a really beat up 6 year old case too so I'm expecting these temps to go down another chunk once I buy my new one with some fans over the next few days.

    The GPU seems to be doing fine after all as well. Temps are still the same on it (53C idle, 59C load) and my performance skyrocketed back to my old FPS numbers once the CPU thing was sorted.

    This was my first time dealing with a CPU overheating like this but now I'll know another thing to look out for next time. Hopefully someone else who runs into these issues in the future can see this thread and maybe get an idea for what might be the cause.

    Have a great day, everyone.
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    awesome! :D glad you were able to fix it... I think im in time for a new coat of thermal paste soon, hope it works out for you in the future
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    nThank you for the support and for following along. :)
  8. no problem! :D glade to help
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