What this sub-forum BADLY needs . . .

What this sub-forum BADLY need is a PSU MFG. directory with Toll-Free Support numbers and online links to their forums and/or RMA instructions. i just bought my first Cooler Master PSU and unless I am very much mistaken it is :pfff: DOA.

A brand-new PSU.

[EDIT] I found this/these numbers but I don't hold out much hope:

(888) 624-5099 or (909) 673-9880

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  1. contact the place you bought it from. If it's DOA you should be able to return it to them. If you can do that i would advise against coolermaster, they arent the most reliable brand. although its not unusual to have a DOA PSU of ANY make or model from time to time.
  2. ^ iam2thecrowe +1.
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