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what is the best cpu with integrated graphics that cost under $150? Help, I'm a noobie!
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  1. Amd A10-5800K.

    You need a FM2 board for it.

    Or if it's the best cpu without bothering with the igpu performance, there's the i3-3220, you need a b75 or h77 motherboard for it.
  2. Hi there...

    Just your local friendly technophile (who happens to listen to satanic music) to give you some info before you make a leap of faith.... (Get it? Get it? Leap of faith? Meh... my humor is probably wasted on you...)...

    It has been leaked at the beginning of this month that AMD will be releasing Richland on March 19th.

    Richland is the successor to Trinity so in a little over a month the A10-5800k will be relegated to a "has been" upon the release of the 2nd generation socket FM2 APU.

    If you can wait, then I suggest you wait. If you can't wait all, then just go with the A10-5800k knowing that it will soon fall from grace...
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    dioriod said:
    what is the best cpu with integrated graphics that cost under $150? Help, I'm a noobie!

    The question can be parsed two different ways.

    If you're asking what CPU under $150 has the best integrated graphics, the answer is the A10-5800K (which will shortly be replaced by the faster A10-6800K).

    If you're asking what's the best CPU (in terms of computing performance) that has any integrated graphics, then the answer is the Intel Core i3-3225.

    The A10s aren't as good in general computing but have superior graphics capability, whereas the i3-3225 has tolerable graphics but faster general processing abilities and use less power (55w vs the A10's 100w).
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