Facing slow down issues

Hi, i am having slow down issues with my pc . im into gaming and tried to built a gaming pc.

my motherboard is msi H55m-E33
ram is 2gb kingston
graphics card: gtx 560
processor: intel i3
OS: win 7 32-bit

The issue im facing is that for example when im playing dota 2. it runs smoothly for a while but after like 45 mins or an hour it seems like the pc slows down. i face very minor lags in game. it feels like the pc is heated up.

Also while playing skyrim, it runs smoothy in certain places on ultra settings . but in come places it lags a lot and the fps drop too low.

Can anyone help?
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  1. why did you get 32 bit?

    also it could be your gpu overheating... check the heat intermittently
  2. whats wrong with 32 bit?
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    well a lot of things have issue with 32 bit... so some games can not run

    also were the temps ok?
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  5. did it get fixed?
  6. NO!! but im assuming that ram is the issue other wise it might be that its heating up cuz im getting the sae answeres on other threads aswell. so yea
  7. OK so test your ram then

    also like i said check the heat using gpu-z
    Just hit the download button at the top right
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