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Hi, I will introduce myself quickly: I am 24 from Namibia (South Africa) I am a student aswell as employd at the same company. I left school at 16 and went to work at a IT company, and thats where I 1st got to know toms hardware! :)
I changed fields long ago though, just some history!

Where I come from we have a single ISP, it has ridiculas service.. (I am a passionate gamer)
99.9% of the players here are FPS players, I am a lonewolf in the world of RTS. (for the past 5 years)
But service is getting worse day by day..

I am a pre-primary teacher now. I get home from work at 1PM. At 8:30 PM I can start playing games.. and at 10PM I have to go sleep. (11pm if im pushing it - 20 six year olds are too much :sweat: )

I have upgraded my internet connection aswell to try and get better service. (256 to 512 dsl) It did not work.


From what I understand, it seems that they throttle the bandwith in Namibia. I can play games on steam, I can play local servers FPS games, but certain / most games I simply cannot play before 8:30 pm.

Pinging google will show that I have insane spikes.
This will show that I have a bad ISP: (Namibia)
Shaperprobe confirms they are messing with my connection aswell.

I dont know how they do it, I am a utter noob at this.

But what I want to know is, is there indeed a way to bypass this super sucky lameness?

Can I somehow encrypt something somewhere, can I join a VPN, will that help?
Is there any hope concerning my hobby?

They are throttling the bandwith from what I have read for the past couple of hours. And all I can find is tricks for your Torrents. In two hours I could not find a answer, so now I will ask. Just put me out of my misery. :hello:

(Sorry if this is in the wrong place)
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  1. if they use packet filtering then the only way would be to encapsulate your packets in a manor that makes them look like http packets as opposed to game or voip packets. this is not an easy thing to do and will not do anything if they simply throttle based on usage. perhaps you could buy a second net line and load balance but that might not help either if they are just going to slash your total bandwidth. i would make friends with someone (a tech) at the company and see if they can help you out.
  2. Thank you, do you have any suggestions on how I could try / do that?

    I dont think they throttle on usage. Why would the internet become slow and fast at exactly the same hours each day. (logicly afaik - night times shud be slower, thats when all the torrents start downloading and we have normal download speed - daytime is 7kbps.. If your lucky haha)

    Edit: So what your saying is disguising TCP as HTTP am I right?
    Will this help me to do it?
  3. it should be faster at night when users log off. slower in the day when everyone is on
  4. Fair enough, but why do some RTS games work anytime of the day while others dont? Heroes of Newerth, Company of Heroes, they work 24/7 np. But Red alert 3 or Starcraft 2 lags hardcore. If someone understand how / why, please explain so I can also.

    Edit : After reading up a little bit atleast, can it be that some games lag during day time and some dont, because some are more TPC orientated while other UDP?

    Im going to try disguise my TPC as UDP and vice versa. Just going on a hunch here.

    Edit 2: I give up. I read that Starcraft 2 uses UDP and if there is problems switches to TCP. So I tried blocking UDP with LooknStop. Didnt make a difference. What you proposed the problem to be does make sense in a way.. but then the other games working anytime boggles my mind?

    Maybe Steam games (because bother CoH and DoW2 works anytime) and HoN uses some kind of proxy server? or is that not true? Its what my friend suggests.
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