Need Sherlock Holmes investigation please

Is anyone smart enough to find out what is wrong with my machine? Basically I have a feeling that the components I have selected dont like each other. I am thinking of buying am2+ motherboard and DDR2 ram for the processor which would probably be the cheapest. Anyway I suspect that its either:

1. Current ram is too fast for the processor to handle,
2. Motherboard may not support this specific ram since it has a very strict list of what brand ram it works with
3. Motherboard may not support Processor this old.

My system specs goes like this.

CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0ghz
Motherboard: AM3+ Asus M5 A78L-M LX
RAM: G.SKILL RAW DDR3-1333 PC3-106666 4GBX2 (8GB Total)
GPU: Nvidia 8800

I think that 500w power supply has plenty of horsepower to feed the whole system. Anyways Cudos points to a person who can figure out what is happening :)
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  1. Not enough info here. What are the symptoms?

    What exact PSU?

    What exact model number RAM?
  2. First update the bios, there was an new one out just before the new year to fix stability issues.

    Next make the memory setting in the bios match those of the ram as I've noticed that sometimes the SPD setting just wont get used or set correctly. G.Skills have a sticker on the ram for the timings and the voltage to use. Once the ram is set correctly boot with a memtest86 disk and run the diagnostic overnite. If it all passes them we can be reasonably sure that whatever your problem is, its probably not the ram.

    Reboot the system and try it out. If the problems coninue to occur, let us know the problem and error message if there is any.
  3. Thats the problem it doesn't boot into windows and timings are CL9-9-9-24 1.5v. It used to boot but I tried reinstalling it and stopped working completely. And I have updated the bios. Even tried linux because thought that boot manager was broken on the hard drive lol. I dont know what to do anymore
  4. Did you clear CMOS after updating the BIOS?
  5. No I havent And its G.Skill RIPJAWS. Also I might have shortaged motherboard out on the first time building it, it never really worked properly. The things used to screw motherboard in the case, well the ones you dont use you meant to take out but I left them and on the back of the motherboard it could have touched to connection somewhere, but I have taken it out now there was only one.
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