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I recently build a new computer i5 3570k with a 670. I am wondering what's a good monitor for the 670. Current Monitor Samsung 2253bw. Budget ~200$ more or less. Thanks in advance
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  1. any Idea on the consideration on another 2 samsung's for a triple monitor setup?
  2. Look for a 1920x1080/1200 resolution, 5ms or less response time, LED backlighting and preferably VESA mounting. If you had a bit more money, a 120hz monitor is also a good idea. As that will allow an FPS of up 120 to be displayed, and can also show a 3D image.

    TL;DR: This monitor is fairly good for your budget.
    Asus VE248H Black 24". $200 ($15 rebate)
  3. Do the 670 let u do a triple monitor setup? because I do have 2 2253bw
  4. will the 670 work with this monitor? CROSSOVER-27Q-LED-P-27-DVI-Computer-Monitor-QHD-2560X1440
  5. Most TN panels already have a low 5ms response time, and since his budget doesn't have room for IPS panels, putting that as a monitor requirement is wrong.

    There are plenty other monitors with greater response times that are good for gaming.
  6. well my budget for a 24" is around $200; but if those 27" monitor is good and worth it I don't mind spending more to get it I don't mind eating bread for lunch for a month or so.
  7. That 670 will let you game across three monitors, but I wouldn't expect great performance if you did.

    Any monitor with a display in that has the same connection as the 670's display out will work. Basically, the screen has a DVI-D port, and the card has a DVI-D port. Will work.

    A bigger monitor doesn't mean a better image. Its largely personal preference and budget constraints as to what size monitor you get.
  8. Larger TN panels don't mean a better image, but a larger IPS panel monitor does mean better image quality.
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    If you don't get a lemon those 27" Korean monitors on ebay look pretty damn good - ~$300 and most people seem to report no issues.
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