8350/8320 or 3570K (Not Just for Gaming!!)

Hi Guys,
I'm in an interesting situation, my current rig has been preforming TERRIBLY in almost every game, Arma 2 OA, and BF3 more specifically, and I'm looking to upgrade now because of the terrible performance, I have been considering the 8350/8320 Just because of the price and how they fair against the 3570k (Not bad imo)

Now I do want to get decent gaming performance but I love streaming which is where I believe a 8350/8320 could pull ahead.

I also record and render videos using Dxtory (recording) and Premiere Pro CS6 (Rendering), which is also where I think I could benefit from the extra cores...

I will have to buy a motherboard in either case and I have a limited budget of about $320, If I go AMD I would buy this and I know almost everyone recommends this for the Intel side.
Basically I want some opinions on a CPU/Motherboard Combo for Gaming, Recording, Rendering, and Streaming, all under $320.
Thanks for any input!

My Current Rig
AMD 1090T @3.8ghz
Sapphire 6970 2gb
Gigabyte 870a-USB3
750w PSU
and like 5 hard drives...

P.s Right now Microcenter is having a sale on the 3770K for $229 so obviously I will buy it if I can make it in time...
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  1. For the video work you do, I would probably opt for the 8 core AMD. Not that the IB would be a slouch either.
    But to tell you the truth, the CPU/MB combo you have now is a great system. Especially with the Thuban O/C'd to 3.8GHZ. It's already in the same league as the FX-8350 for gaming.
    Your weak point in gaming is the graphics card. The HD 6790 is a low-mid range card. Get yourself a better card if your system is lagging in gaming. HD 7850 or HD 7870 for example... and have money left over. Your frame rates will improve dramatically.

    If your system is slowed because it is clogged with useless junk files, registry errors, and crap running in the background, that can be remedied with CCleaner and some un-checking of the boxes in SYSTEM CONFIGURATION/START UP.
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