I just built my computer.

CPU - i5-3570k
RAM - Patriot Black mamba
PSU - AX850
MoBo - z77x-ud3h

My current problem is that I plugged in my old harddrives, individually trying all of them. I am unable to get it to boot up at all. It seems to goto "Starting windows" and just instantly goes to blue screen after a few seconds and automatically restarts. It was not doing this while it was in my old computer. Unfortunately, I am unable to reformat my harddrives as of my DVD was using an IDE cable and apparently, this board does not support it. But even so, I would like some input from other people :(
I plan to pick up a DVD drive sometime tomorrow but if i just reformat my old harddrives, would it be resolved?
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  1. Installs of Windows that are made on old hardware wont work on new systems. You will need to get an optical drive, a Windows install disc and do a fresh install.

    If you reformat the drives, all data on them will be lost, including the Windows install. So you cant boot off a freshly reformatted drive.

    If the data on them is valuable, I suggest getting a new HDD (or SSD) and doing a fresh install on that. That way you can access the other drives before reformatting it.
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