Nvidia geforce gtx 580 clocking at 405mhz

Hello, my nvidia geforce gtx 580 is clocking at 405mhz. In that past couple of months or so I noticed the fps in games that once ran perfectly had dropped. As far as I can tell I've not experienced any overheating nor altered any settings; I've no idea what's causing the problem let alone how to solve it.
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  1. run a program called GPUZ and click the option to log to file and play a game...open up the text document it creates to verify that it is clocking down to 405mhz while in game....the card does this in 2d to save energy but it should do that in game....one thing to try is to update to the latest drivers..uninstall the old ones boot into safemode and run driver sweeper then reboot into regular windows and install the new ones....while looking at the gpuz file tell me what the max temp is on the card too while in game
  2. Thanks for the reply. GPU core clock 50.6 MHz, GPU Temperature 33.8°C. Drivers are up to date.
  3. has it ever over heated before and cause the system to reboot? what were your temps before this issue started happening? A few 580 owners have this issue but its generally after the card over heated many times
  4. Unfortunately I never specifically made note of the temperature in the past. To my knowledge it's never gone above 40°C and I've not experienced any reboots due to overheating.
  5. I don't even need to ask which drivers you are running. This is a common issue with the 301 drivers. Update to th 304.79's which should cure the problem. Do a clean install. The other fix is to restart the game and/or restart the PC.
  6. lol it has definitely gone above 40c most cards idle above that......maybe since your drivers are all up to date you could try an earlier version of the driver.....if that doesnt work try flashing a new bios on your card (the one for your specific card but maybe something got corrupt) look for your bios here..

  7. It probably has gone above 40, it's just that's the highest I remember seeing it. I'll try an earlier version of the driver.
  8. Decimus Drake said:
    It probably has gone above 40, it's just that's the highest I remember seeing it. I'll try an earlier version of the driver.

    Are you not heeding my advice fellow member of the GTX 580 club?
  9. ^^ I dont think he saw it he may have been typing while you posted it....Drake read matto17secs first post he has some great info
  10. I had exactly the same problem. Same clock speed too. It kicked in when switching scenes in Skyrim. People have mentioned it on these forums several times as well. It's random and restarting the game and/or PC will always fix it.

    It's the 301.42 WHQL drivers. The 304.79 drivers are some of the best that have come out in quite a while.
  11. Didn't see you post there matto. You're right I've been running the 301 drivers, downloading the 304.79 drivers now.
  12. Thanks for the help. The problem is solved and I didn't even have to resort to performing dark pagan rituals to appease the computer gods. It was a problem with the 301 driver and updating to the 304 fixed it. Thanks again.
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