I3770k only using 1 core

No OC.
All cores showing in device manager, all cores enabled in BIOS. Tried resetting CMOS using MB button as well as jumpers.
Upgraded from i5 BIOS to 2nd most recent vers, showed 1 core. Updated to very latest vers, still showing 1 core. Halp!

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  1. Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong but don't these CPU's go into a power saver mode where it shuts down cores if they're not needed? How many cores are running while playing a game?
  2. Windows task manager should show the cores, CPU-Z could be wrong! Try something else coretemp, speedfan or any other program.
  3. I dunno, my buddy has a very similar setup and his CPUZ shows 4 cores 8 threads all the time...

  4. Got it!


    has a nice workup of how to do it. Basically setting the registry min and max # of cores to 0 makes windows reevaluate the processor you're using, so as long as they are all being detected properly beforehand this should fix your problem.

    Now, how do I mark this as solved so I can help other people out?
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