Pc shuts off in crossfire

i have two 4850,s i run them in crossfire for max of about 5 mins

i look at gpu usage on both when usage is about 80% on both it shuts off

my PSU is here http://www.internetct.co.uk/850warticbluequietquadrailpsupowersupplyunit120mmfan-p-1213.html
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  1. Anyone my max combined wattage is 61Amps
  2. Your power supply probably isn't adequate for 2 4850s. It only comes with 1 6 pin PCI-E connector, which is a huge red flag for an "850 Watt" unit. A real 850 Watt PSU should come with 4 6 pin PCI-E connectors. I would say that the amperages listed on the PSU's label are an outright lie. That is probably a 350 to 400 Watt unit at best.

    Get a new power supply if you want to run two 4850s. With your current setup you run a high risk of blowing out your power supply and taking your components with it.

    Some good power supply brands include Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, and XFX. I recommend a 750 Watt unit for 2 4850s, those things consume a lot of power, 187 Watts each.
  3. Thank you :)
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