Black Screen till i select input again

I'm not sure if this due to the gtx 570 i just got or my TV or even hdmi mini to hdmi cable.

I use my TV as a moniter and when my PC asks for admin rights etc and it goes into the black screen for a sec it stays there now till i re-select hdmi as my input on my TV or anything else like changing the display settings etc it makes me select hdmi on my TV again. It didn't do this with my old card or my old HDMI cable.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Using windows 7 64bit and i downloaded the latest drivers off nividas site.
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  1. I'm most likely going to get in trouble for bumping this, but can someone help me with this?

    I wanna make sure it's not my new gtx 570.

    I just tried to reinstall the drivers for the card and it's still doing it.

    Like when i alt tab out of a game it'll stay in a black screen till i reselect the source from my TV.
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