Cannot browse while under load!


I've got a weak spot for networking and as usual just when I need it the most it brakes down on me.
Here's the short version:
Switched ISP to a fiberoptic connection 100/10mbit
Worked fine, connected directly to "the wall" (single torrent speeds up to 9mb/s down)
Had to get a router cause of IP-television

And theeen i got the D-link DIR 655

Connected through a router (torrent speeds very slow. single torrent speeds max 4.5mb/s, multiple torrents max 500kb/s(!))
CANNOT browse web while downloading heavily, windows even thinks i dont have web access (although i'm downloading torrents)

Any help would be appreciated :)

PS: Win7, uTorrent, Kaspersky Internet Security 2011
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  1. Absolutely no ideas? It's weird when I'm uploading faster then downloading with 100mbit down and 10 up... :(
  2. Did you setup rules in your router for the torrents to open up needed ports.
    Have you tried power cycling everything to reset them? Plug modem in first, wait till it boots, plug router in, wait for it to boot, then turn on PC.

    What does give you for connection?
  3. I have opened the ports. I also tried with/without UPnP. Turning on n off equipment didnt help neither.
    Speedtest registers 9 in ping to the closest server and 94Mb/s Down / 11Mb/s Up as seen here:

    Thanks for showing interest! :na:
  4. This is a wired connection right? Not wireless?
  5. 100% wired with brand new cat6 cables. All the equipment is new aswell.

    Plz note that from a single server i download at normal speeds (approx 9 mbyte down). This problem only seem to affect p2p.
  6. So your speedtest over the internet is at normal speeds, but when using torrents, your speeds are greatly reduced? Sounds like your router may be throttling. That or your torrent program has set speed limits for itself.
  7. Ya. I've set download to unlimited on utorrent and i've tried to see through every possible setting in the D-link control panel. Although I'm not that informed in the networking area so i might be wrong.
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