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im bout 2 buy i5 2500k , and jus still left with a graphics card, ive found a gtx 680 lightning USED for about $340, or another option is a msi frozer 3 7950 for around that same price.. or if you got any other suggestions but under $350.. thanks
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  1. Well, the 680 for $340 is the best value, but of course it is used and you'll have to decide whether that is ok with you. Basically, at $350 you are stuck with the 7950. If you are open to SLI/XFire there are some additional options for around $350 such as 2 x 6870 or 2 x gtx 560.

    I will also point out that while it isn't quite as powerful as a $350 card, this $210 GTX 480 is a pretty good price for its performance (that is, if you can take the heat!):

    Edit: I guess Newegg thought the price was too good too, it's up to $220 that quickly.
  2. The gtx 680 is in great condition as the card jus gt released couple of months back, and the owner said he has never overclocked it .. thanks fo ur help tho
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