AMD A8-4500m vs INTEL i3-3110m for light gaming & video encoding

Im gonna buy a laptop and there are 2 toshiba laptops one with AMD A8-4500m RADEON HD 7640G and the other INTEL i3-3110m INTEL GRAPHICS HD 4000, both cost the same 379.99 and i want to know witch offers better performance, i encode videos with MEGUI and do little gaming minecraft, skyrim. thanks...
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  1. I would say for gaming the amd just beats out the i3 but in video encoding the intel would edge out ahead
  2. Damm so its either gaming or encoding?
  3. The A8 should win in both gaming and video as long as the software is multithreaded to use the 4 cores.

    I would go with the A8.
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    I would choose the A8 4500m as its gaming performance by far outweighs any gains by the intel in encoding
    Even in APP's that use 4 cores the intel wins since it's superior IPC and hyperhtreading makes up for it lesser cores

    The intel has higher FLOPS, MIPS, and wins in every cpu benchmark here

    GPU benchmarks
    (when looking at gpu numbers, be sure to select the i3 ones, do that by clicking on the fps numbers and you can see which system gave that fps, i3 is usually int he middle ish)
  5. thanks guys im gonna get the amd, one last thing should i get extra ram or 4 gigs is enough?
  6. get more ram (adding it yourself is cheaper, in laptops with 4gb ram, it is usually a single 4gb stick so youc an just add another one

    Given the below info, I would still choose AMD due to superior gmaing performance and using GPU accelrated video encoding will render both sides about equal
    expect the a8 4500m to perform between the a10 4600m and the a8 3500m
    Expect intel fps to be 20% higher due to HD4000 instead of HD3000 in gpu limited games

    cpu only

    mix of cpu only, and gpu accelerating

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  8. Mugiwara3D2Y said:
    thanks guys im gonna get the amd, one last thing should i get extra ram or 4 gigs is enough?

    depends on if there is 2(2x2GB) sticks of ram or 1 stick(1x4GB). Always want 2 sticks for an APU like the A8. It improves the gaming performance by about 30% if you have 2 sticks of ram because of the ram running in dual channel mode doubles the bandwidth.
  9. Go for A8...
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