Everytime i try to upgrade my AMD catalyst it enables my onboard GPU.

I got my newly installed Radeon HD 7850 into my computer. After much problems and difficulties i got it working by the advice that tom's hardware community gave me. I disabled my onboard GPU by going to device manager and then i right clicked my 7850 and updated it. However, it only updated it to version 12.3. I wanted to upgrade it to 12.7 beta. So i went to the catalyst site and i got it. However, once i installed the update, for some reason that onboard gpu (radeon 3000) turned on by itself. After restarting my computer it switched to the onboard gpu and totally ignored the 7850.
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  1. The onboard GPU is supposed to be disabled in the BIOS, not the Device Manager.

    1. Boot PC
    2. Press "DEL" key (probably, varies) at the right time to boot to BIOS
    3. Change the BIOS setting for graphics so that PCIe (PCI-Express) comes BEFORE integrated graphics

    *If the BIOS is set to IGP (motherboard graphics) you must leave your monitor hooked up to the motherboard or you won't see anything.

    Once you exit the BIOS you need to shut down and reconnect the monitor to your graphics card (probably the DVI connection).

    I'm really not certain why you're having problems. There is a new feature that called Virtu MVP (not just Virtua) that allows your onboard and addon card to work together but it isn't reliable.

    Virtu MVP (If you have it) can be disabled in the BIOS.

    **The other possibility is that you have an APU, not a CPU from AMD that has a combined CPU and GPU on the same processor. Unlike the Intel CPU's that can disable the added internal graphics, I think the APU's can't disable the graphics component. I'm not 100% certain but I thought you had two choices:
    1) use ONLY the APU (CPU + GPU on same chip), or
    2) use the APU + 1, 2 or 3 extra graphics cards (Crossfire)

    If you DO NOT have a APU then it should be simple. Change the boot order to PCIe first.

    If you DO have an APU, it might be a problem getting the HD7850 working with it.
  2. photonboy, i have another problem. I switched back to the 7850, but the amd vision engine control center does not work. It says that "could not load file or assembly 'cli.implementation' or one of its dependencies" whenever i try to click it.
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