660ti/570 with dedicated physx card?

Hey guys I had a question about my build that I am going to finish soon. The only thing I need is the graphics card. I pretty much am planning on getting the 660 ti (Unless the release date is pushed back even farther, like two months or something) and was wondering about a gtx 460 as a dedicated physx card. My friend upgraded his computer from a 460 to a 670 and he no longer wants the 460. He asked me if I wanted to buy it off him (For around $50, a deal if you ask me) and I was wondering if it is worth it to use it when i play games that use physx. I mean its only $50 and I don`t have a graphics card right now (The 660 ti is supposed to be released later next week if I am correct).
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    The GTX 460 will make a great PhysX card and will pair up nicely with a GTX 660 Ti.

    A couple questions you need to answer:
    - Can your PSU handle two cards? - I'm estimating 650 watts minimum (luckily the 660 Ti is very energy lite)
    - Do you intend to actually play any GPU accelerated PhysX games?
    Here's a list for reference:

    If the answer is yes to both questions, go for it! Heck for $50, I'd go for it anyway.
  2. Yeah I have a 650w continuous that is rated to give out a peak load of 750w. I know that since the 460 would be used as physx only it probably wont use too much power. And yes I play a lot of physx games like batman, borderlands 1+2,mafia 2, and maybe planetside 2 once I get a good look at the game.
  3. You are golden then. As a general rule of thumb, a dedicated PhysX card will boost your FPS by roughly 25%. The PhysX in Borderlands 2 looks epic.
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  5. wow I just watched that video and cannot wait to play me some borderlands 2!!!!
  6. yeah and the banner waving in the wind and being shot at is pure PhysX epicness!!!

  7. The ground being torn up in this photo is all PhysX. AMD owners need not apply.
  8. sorry off topic but ran across this photo when searching borderlands 2... couldnt resist

  9. jjb8675309 said:
    sorry off topic but ran across this photo when searching borderlands 2... couldnt resist

    The things they're doing with photo realistic video games these days. That must be from the new Zelda game, judging by the treasure chest.
  10. ^lol
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