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hey guys I'm wondering what brand of nvidia geforce gtx 670 is the best? I will be using it for gaming and not planning on sli anytime soon any of the 670s will work just wondering if one has an advantage over another. I wanted to lean towards asus or evga if possible but any will do if another is better. thanks for the help!
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  1. The Asus DirectCu II TOP is the fastest and quietest GTX 670 on the market.
    Perfect 10 score on TechPowerUp:
  2. My top picks are the msi, gigabyte, asus, and evga cards in that order.
    MSI has a great cooling solution among the gpus and the best extremely high-end voltage regulation technologies to assist in massive overclocking endeavors. For that reason I suggest the power edition for overclockers.
    Gigabyte has the best cooling solution in the windforce 3x providing the lowest temperatures AND some of the lowest loudness ratings among the gpus, making it great for low-noise environments and moderate overclocking.
    Asus has an amazing all-around card, as matto said it has scored well for being well beyond the average in most things. To say it is "the fastest" would be a bit of a stretch seeing as the msi card performs the exact same out of the box.
    The evga ftw card is best for people who prefer their cards running at stock settings. It has an impressive factory overclock coupled with a notable warranty program and great cooling and loudness ratings.
  3. The Asus has a higher factory overclock, but the MSI Twin Frozr IV keeps the temps just a few degrees cooler, which allows higher boost clocks.

    Actually, the fastest out of the box is the Zotac AMP!, clocked at 1150 mhz.
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    I would NEVER EVER buy gigabyte because i have had such bad luck with their cards doesn't mean they don't make good GPU just means i never bought anything that was worth it from them.Anyway, compare here with the 670's listed:

    10.0 Rating Asus 670 TOP

    9.7 rating MSI Twin Frozr IV

    9.6 Rating Zotac AMP 670
  5. Thanks so much for the help guys! I will be getting the asus 670 as most of you recommended to.
  6. newgeek000 said:
    Thanks so much for the help guys! I will be getting the asus 670 as most of you recommended to.
    No problem your very welcome enjoy! :sol: :hello:
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