Choosing the best budget CPU for Gaming

:hello: Hello Community!I am a new member of the Forum and this in my first thread so i am sorry for any lack of information!

I 'm going to upgrade my gaming pc and i want your advice on the CPU option.My rig would be used mainly for games!

So i want your opinion on choosing the best AMD cpu at about 90 to 130 euros !

I 'm between 1)AMD Phenom II x4 965
2)AMD FX 4100
3)AMD A8 5600k
4)AMD FX 6100 six core
5)AMD FX 4170
6)AMD FX 4300
7)AMD A10 5800k
8)AMD FX 6300 six-core

I am going to use it with an Asus/Gigabyte crossfireX mobo,Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600 4gb and XFX 6870.
Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. Since you will be getting the dedicated graphics card, then forget about the AMD A* series, as they are CPU+Graphics.

    Best CPU there is definitely the 6300.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    So you think FX 6300 worth the 40 euros over PHENOM 965 BE?
  3. Hmm 40 Euros is quite a bit in price difference, you could get the 965 and buy a 3rd party cooler and overclock to to 3.6Ghz+

    The 6870 will be bottlenecking both CPUs anyway. I know from experience.

    So either is up to you.
  4. Also with that 40 euros i could buy hd 7850?
  5. Then I'd definitely go with the 965 and get the 7850 instead. If you can chuck in a bit extra and get a cooler it would be good too (the stock fans on 965s are loud as ****)

    But that is definitely a better option than 6300 + 6870
  6. So,i think i would go for the 965 and hd 7850!

    Thank you very much!!!
  7. Oh one last thing,
    FX 6100 Six Core is at the same price range with the Phenom!Why not buying FX instead?
  8. Because the 6100 has poor architecture, even the 965 performs better than it.

    The 6300 is the new and improved version of the 6100.

    Your choice of 965 + 7850 is great anyway.
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