Are there real/full core CPUs produced today?

So is there any CPUs out that consist of full cores without undercut parts (like one fpu on two cores) and not modules or threads?
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  1. yes. intel has full cores.
  2. Yes intel has
  3. which ones would that be ? G860?
  4. i5 quad cores I think
  5. he means without ht. pentiums and i5s dont have threads.
  6. yea, i5 dont have threads are raw cores, when i saw an i7 by the first time i tought that i would have 18 cores in a 980x you know C6/T12, hehe but it was a mistake of mine, pc regconies it like 12 cores, threads i think is like the video i saw once to fill two cups using one jar.
  7. if your lucky to own a 6core processor :D, for us mortals 4cores will do ;-0
  8. hehe yeee, quad core is more than enough for all of us
  9. How do you define a full core? A Core i5 isn't like four single core CPUs packed together, they do share things like L3 cache, the memory controller and other IO and at least the PCIE controller. AMD CPUs share a bit more but the definition of a "full core" is arbitrary.
  10. Honestly, the numbers of cores or how they are architected is as irrelevant as the clock speed for determining performance. You just have to run the benchmarks. So I am not sure why the question is relevant.
  11. yes thats 4cores. even if they share same cache memory
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