Which PSU?

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  1. budget?

    and if these are ur choices. xfx 650 easy answer
  2. I agree, XFX for sure.
  3. for a single GPU set up i assume

    both will do the job just fine, the OCZ is a solid PSU while the xfx is step up but you won't go wrong with either one.
  4. the ocz is alright but cant compare to the internals of the xfx model witch is made from seasonic one of the best powersupply makers of today.
  5. XFX, because its made by seasonic.

    Also, only a 3 year warranty on the OCZ vs a 5 year warranty on the XFX.
  6. Thank you guys, XFX it is.
  7. yep :) cheers hines
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