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I am running windows 7 home premium and after I have been on the computer for a couple of hours (almost exactly the same length of time everytme) the screen starts to flicker, then goes dark and the nvidia kernel crash sign comes up and it then says it's fixed itself but then my whole screen just goes black. It's like it goes into sleep mode and the only way to turn it off is by the button . Sometimes I get a Windows minidump message.

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  1. it's your hardware conflict, maybe your graphic card driver
  2. "scree starts to flicker".

    Could you elaborate on that one? What exactly happens?
  3. what are the unit specs, most importantly the graphics card and power supply.?
    also do you have a temperature monitoring program, what are temps.?
  4. I had the exact same thing happening for me today! Exact same! I was going to browse the web as usual (I kept the computer on all night, bad habit but yeah) so I simply awoke the comp from sleep, and was going to watch a video on CNN, when the computer started to violently flicker, small green spots appeared everywhere, it turned blue/black, then it froze.

    After this small freezing the screen returns to normal and gives me the "Kernel stopped working" notification.

    I reinstalled my drivers, it was 261.XX and now it's 301.xx. It did not solve the problem at all.

    Can this be linked with a graphic card that is starting to fail? Last night when I played Skyrim, and fire or frost or spells(or any advanced graphic) where invisible on the screen, blur from the supposed heat from the fire was displayed still, and light and everything else behaved like normal.

    I even switched to windows basic, I got honestly no clue on what to do. Could it be some kind of stealthy update everyone got last night?
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