After installing new graphic card no signal to monitor

Hi everyone,
1st of all its my first time when i am post a thread any why so please neglect my typographical mistakes
the system i am using is

Processor AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor

Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB 7.5

Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a (Built-in)

PSU 450W

Gaming graphics 2287 MB Total available graphics memory

recently I thought to upgrade my graphic card and bought "msi r5850 twin frozr ii" i received one 6pin external power adapter cable with it
so i installed it into my cpu and plugged it with that cable(however card can use or must use 2 cables of that type) to my system
afterwords i tried to turn my system on and it showed no signals
i replaced monitor's cable from newly installed card to built-in one and it my monitor started working fine
the i again put the VGA cable to newer one and my monitor again went on no signal

it seems like the new card is receiving power cause the fans are running properly
i then reboot my system it took longer than usual to turn. then i went to BIOS changed the setting for graphic card from enable built-in card to enable built-in card if no external is available and reboot it again but i am still facing the same prob
that No signals
but any single time when i try to turn it on onto my built-in VGA it works fine

any thoughts on this matter...........?? please let me know

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  1. You got one 6 pin connector that plugs into your card and the two molex plug into the power supply(PSU) but you found out that it needs a second 6 pin connector. My question is.

    Did you hook up the second or get another 6 pin connector and plug it into your card? If you did are all the molex connectors all plug into your PSU or other cables coming out of the PSU?

    You should have a total of 4 molex connectors and they should all be pluged into differend cables coming from the PSU. The fan on the card will work with out any power cables going to it.

    The PCIe x 16 slot has a little power there and that is why your fan is moving and it you don't have the molex cables all plug in the card won't work. Get back to us with the answers please. Good luck
  2. @ DM186
    thanks for your suggestion i have ordered 4 pin power splitter cables and as well 6 pin cable too
    i am expecting the courier on Tuesday i will post here what happen after installing that cables
  3. Just be carefull because if your PSU doesn't support a 6 pin connector then you want to make sure you plug the molex connecotrs in other cables coming out of the PSU.

    Spliting to much on cable might under power it I did say might. Just try to spread it out just to be safe. If not and what you did didn't work come back here and I will tell you what new PSU to get.

    But I will keep my fingers crossed that you will get it to work. Good luck.
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