About Mobile Intel Core I3 sandry bridge temperature.

Hello, i wanted to ask is these temperatures is safe for mobile intel core sandy bridge (2cores) (4threads) Loptop is new.So when i playing games like call of duty,tera online,league of legends and other my temp is 75c, when browsing in internet "45-55"c.Should i worry about anything?
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  1. No. You do not need to really worry. You could buy a laptop cooler to ease your worries.

    My Sandy Bridge i5-2410m hits 90c when gaming (I don't really play games anymore) and when I encode video.
  2. Mobile Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs will throttle themselves down at 100c to prevent damage to itself.

    90C is a bit high so I'll likely look into replacing the thermal paste with something like IC Diamond. The problem is my laptop is still under warranty so if I do replace the thermal paste now I will basically forfeit about 17 or 18 months of warranty.
  3. Thanks for answer :)
  4. Btw, i got "i3" processor.
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