NVIDIA Display Driver crashes every time I try to play games

Hi All ,

a Week ago i was Playing Fine , but yesterday i want to play NFS Most wanted , after i run it the Display driver crashes , it shows " display driver 'NV4_disp' has stoped working ..... " , I tried to play others games but i got the same problem . i reinstalled my driver and i installed old versions but it still crashing .

i got Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 runing on Windows XP sp3

help me pls and thanks .
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  1. is your gpu overclocked?
  2. do you have the latest drivers, man that is an old GPU.
  3. i aleardy said that i installed all driver versions . but i still got the same problem
  4. Try cleaning and re-seat the card ..
  5. im assuming you took his advice of cleaning your card? any help? do you have msi afterburner use its on screen display to see your temps in game. with the age of the card it could just be its time. plenty of cheap entry level cards to choose from if that is the case though.
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