Need Help for a Build: Limited Parts Available

Hi, everyone. I've spent quite a lot of time as a grateful lurker in this forum. This build is my third in 10 years. My needs are a bit modest but I want this to last a good three to five years with no major upgrades.

I will be using it for the following reasons, from the most important to the least:

1. General office use (as a law student and copywriter)
2. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
3. Wordpress
4. Light to moderate gaming (Looking forward to Call of Duty and Football Manager 13)

Here are the things I already have:

2 x HP x2301
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Windows 7

Ideally, I would like to have a really small form factor for this build but if a mid tower is in order, I'd pull the trigger in a heartbeat. Also, I'm not looking to do any overclocking here. This build won't have to store anything (except the OS and the games) as most of my work is backed up and shared via Google Drive.

Now here's the catch. I know you all enjoy a bit of challenge so on today's episode, all the parts will have to be taken off of this:

I understand that the parts list is almost sad. Where I'm from, all the local stores have turned into laptop dealers. Nobody sells parts anymore except this store. The budget is Php50,000.00, no more.

Here's what I'm thinking of:

Intel Core i7 3770 3.4-3.9Ghz (Quad Core)

Gigabyte Z77 D3H

Sapphire HD 7850 2gb/256bit ddr5

Corsair TX 750watts (TX750 v2) 80Plus Bronze

Corsair Carbide Series 500R Mid Tower Case Black

Corsair Vengeance 8gb ddr3 1600 CL10 (but will upgrade to 32GB in a few months)

Sandisk Extreme 120gb sata3

Liteon 24x Sata (OEM)

Dlink, dwa-525

I've been reading mixed signals with the Z77 D3H. Some say it isn't really stable at the moment. But as things stand, this build fits snugly in the budget of Php50,000.00. Nothing is really set in stone. Feel free to change anything in answering the following:

1. Are all the parts compatible? Do you see any issues/conflicts with this build, moving forward? (I'm having second thoughts on the board and PSU, the latter being a bit too much.)

2. Based on my modest needs, is there a better way to spend my budget on an office-gaming PC in that given store? (Sitting on the fence for an i5 3570+GTX 670 combo, maybe?)

3. Is it possible to have an equally-capable mini-ITX build based on the parts given in that store? I've had the chance to fix a battered OEM mini-ITX from Acer a few years back and the layout was absolutely terrible with no room semblance of cooling, whatsoever. (I'm also open for a Corsair H60/i7 3770/Sapphire HD 6870 build.)

Thank you for your thoughts.
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  1. Looks like a good computer but if you want to make it Mitx get this board
    or this one
    The asus one comes with on board wifi and bluetooth, I personally don't think the extra money is worth it, but that is your decision.
    Also get this case if you want to make it Mitx. Get this case, it allows for full sized parts. Also you don't really need a 750w psu for a 7850.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. The parts you linked out to are good. But they aren't available where I'm from. All the parts must come from here:

    Thanks for the input on the pus, though. If I add two 1TB WD black as scratch disks later on, would I need the 750w psu?
  3. the 7850 won't ever draw more than 150w , the cpu uses 77w. dvd never uses more than 30. ram wont use more than 10. Under full load it might use 500.
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