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This is my first post on the forums, I have built a few systems in the past with relatively no problems.

I purchased the following parts off for a family member:
Processor: Intel Pentium G620 Sandy Bridge 2.6GHz LGA 1155
Memory: G.SKILL Value Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1333
PSU: TOPOWER ZU-500W 500W ATX12V Ver. 2.0 Power Supply

Problem: Everything powers up fine (lights, fans). I get one beep from the Mobo speaker (meaning it's fine), but nothing on the display, I tried both the VGA and DVI outputs.

Already tried:
1) Bread boarded the system connecting only PSU, CPU, RAM and VGA cable. (Same Problem)
2) Tested each Memory stick in each slot. (Same Problem)
3) Replaced PSU with one that is known to work. (Same Problem)
4) Replaced case power switch (basically connected it to my own case), disconnected reset switch.

I'm now beginning to think that it might be a memory compatibility issue, or that the Mobo is defective.

Is it worth trying to get different memory sticks, or would you just return the Mobo?
Any ideas will help

Thank you!
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  1. I forgot to mention I reset the CMOS as well =\
  2. hmm, doubt its a memory compatibility issue since you get the all-clear POST beep.

    I checked, and that proc does have built in video. My guess that either there is a switch on the mobo that needs to be set in order to use built-in graphix (unlikely) or something is wrong with either the board or the proc to not show video.

    If you have a spare video card lying around, pop it in and see what happens.
  3. Frombehind,

    Connected my GeForce GTX 285, which looked funny since the card is bigger then the mobo. LOL

    Good news! I got something to display, it says "CMOS FAIL" and then goes into BIOS. I tried doing another CMOS reset: disconnecting power moving jumper waiting... then move it all back and powered up, same problem.

    What's our next move, flashing BIOS? (never done that before)

    Thank you!
  4. Hmm, you could try but the bigger issue at hand is that your CMOS is not holding a config.
    Perhaps a bad CMOS battery, or some boards these days come with "reset CMOS jumper pins" check your manual for it, and make sure there isnt a jumper sitting on them shorting them out.

    The battery is an easy swap from a known-good motherboard... beware, removing it will clear the CMOS in that machine.
  5. err, before all that, while looking at the screen above, what happens when you hit delete, SAVE a config and reboot?

    If you are good there, then your PC is just complaining that the CMOS was cleared... If not, look for the jumper / try new battery.
  6. You had it right, the PC was just complaining that the CMOS was cleared. It's holding the config.

    Now we are back to the original problem, after reseting BIOS to defaults and saving I tried connecting to the onboard VGA, nothing came up. (disconnected card, just incase).

    I guess I'll reconnect the card and look around BIOS for some sort of "onboard video" on/off.
  7. No luck. When I set the setting to IGD only, I get a blank screen.

    How can I know if it's the processor or the mobo?
  8. hmm, you really cant... at least no sure-fire way that I know of.

    And you have tried setting to internal graphix adapter, save config, power off, remove card, reboot right?

    Or does it immediately blank the screen when you set it in the BIOS?
    If so, try to plug into the on-board video plug and see if you get anything out of it.

    Just out of curiosity... in the picture at the top of your board, I can see at least 2 video ports. You have tried them all (the VGA and the DVI using the adapter in your video card)?
  9. before i go and say both could be the issue try downloading the two bios updates there for cpu code for the mb.
    download the file to a usb stick and then in the bios under advance mode should be an option to update the bios. if the mb bios does not have the right cpu code it may not be able to work 100 percent right. if after the cpu code is loaded and you still have the issue check the cpu box make sure you got a cpu thta has the onboard gpu chip. there are few new ib and sb out there that dont have a gpu build into them. if the cpu and packaging are right i would rma both back to be safe.
  10. newegg is usually pretty good with their replacements for non-working parts, I'm not too sure on their CPU policy though... they might not take it back, or they might. I guess it will depend on the person you speak to.
  11. @smorizio the CPU has a GPU. I'm kinda taking your advise, I put in a email to biostar, asking if any of those code update would help my chip, and situation. I don't want them to claim I broke it by flashing :P

    @from behind (I just got the WoW reference) Yes I set it to IGD only, the screen won't blank until after I save and exit. At which point I power down, take the GTX out and try again (both VGA and DVI) with no success.

    The only way I got it back for the picture I took, is because I memorized what keys I need to press to enter BIOS reset to default then save & exit. (Easier then resetting the CMOS).

    If I can't figure it out by Monday I'll try to RMA them both... Per the policy below I should be good to get a replacement as long as I didn't break it.

    Newegg's policy on CPUs:

    CPU Replacement Only Return Policy
    Return for refund within: non-refundable
    Return for replacement within: 30 days
    Products that state "This item is covered by's CPU Replacement Only Return Policy", or items labeled as “Non-refundable” (or similar labeling) must be returned to Newegg within 30 days of the invoice date for this policy to apply. Products covered by this return policy may only be returned for a replacement of the same or equivalent item if the original item is no longer available. “Return” constitutes receipt of the product by Newegg, and not the mere issuance of an RMA.

    The following conditions are not acceptable for return, and will result in the merchandise being returned to you:
    Any CPU that is physically damaged
    Improper installation of CPU fans and/or improper clocking may cause CPUs to chip. CPUs that are chipped, burnt or have bent/broken pins are considered physically damaged and cannot be returned for refund or replacement. Physical damage includes (but is not limited to) improper handling and any other type of damage sustained by irregular use.

    Thanks guys! Have a good weekend.
  12. Alright man. Good luck with yours too! =D
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