Asus VW246H or VS247H-P

I need a monitor for watching videos and gaming and both are just as important.
So which one you think is better in terms spec wise and not money?
Is the VS series ips panel? it doesn't say in newegg
What's a good ips panel for ~200$
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  1. id get neither. get this

    both are TN and the vs247 is a great TN from what i saw on the vs228h-p. the pa is more expensive but it has a fully adjustable stand, IPS, and calibrated from the factory
  2. Thanks for input but isnt The asus pa238q poorly rated because of backlight bleed.

    Any other suggestions of a better cheap ips panel around ~250$?
  3. that is untrue. i have one myself.... not to mention how highly it is rated from people like Linus and the fact that it won a award at MaximumPC
  4. Try watching a black screen and let me know if you see any light bleed.
    80% of reviews show signs of low o high bleed, more towards high area.

    So I did a little research on ips panels and got this 260, highly rated, no bleeding as I recall. Though I typically hate dell brands but the reviews convince me.
  5. Sorry typing on phone is a hassle.
  6. been there done that. nothing. and im using their wash down version of the pa238q. it doesnt have calibration, quickfit, picture in picture, and a displayport cable. same panel and i dont see anything out of ordinary
  7. I own the vs247h-p, bought it from b& for $172 no tax free shipping in Feb. I really like the monitor, no dead pixels, never gets hot, and its fairly slim, would be super slim if the power supply wasnt built into the monitor. Most complain that the stand is wobbly, which it is, but its only a problem if your desk is constantly being shaken.
  8. How's the viewing angle?
  9. That is something i find quite funny. People tend to complain about the viewing angle on TN panels. If you aren't viewing your monitor from the front, then something is wrong with you. That said viewing it from the side isn't bad, not as good as IPS though.
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    the vs247 is a exception. asus did something with their TN panels making them have a bigger viewing angle. saw that with my friends vs228
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