New Sager NP9370 WIRED Connectivity Issue.


I recently purchased the Sager NP9370 lappy.

I can connect to the internet wirelessly, but when i try to connect via wired through my modem, I do not get a signal and cannot get online. I tried a functions check with another laptop I own and it connected via wire so it isn't an issue with my modem (as it never has been before).

The significant specs for this issue on my NP9370 are as follows:

-Killer 1103 (3x3) network card
-Windows 8 (all updates applied and up to date)

I ran the drivers CD as well and installed all drivers. Long story short, all drivers are installed and all Windows updates are applied and my system is up to date. At least, I am pretty sure unless I missed something...?

Why can I not connect via wire directly through my modem?
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  1. Did you disable the wifi before you tried the lan? Do you use dhcp and does the laptop get a valid ip-address? Can you ping the router/modem?
  2. How can I check to see if I am using DHCP and I imagine it gets a valid IP...

    Not sure. :/

    How do I find out?
  3. Sorry for the late reply. If you don't use static ip's, it's dhcp. The dhcp is part of the router. Right click on the Network icon on your desktop and goto properties. You should see the active networks there. It will not work, if two networks (wifi and lan) are active. If you click on one of the networks, you get more info.
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