The wifi homenetwork loses all connection when connecting smartphonemartphone

just bought a Wifi DSL Router Lynksys WAG120N and managed to connect all e-gadgets on Wifi the PS3, the Pc and my Laptop, which are all communicating even through shared drives and Mediaserver. Every time that I am trying to connect with my Sony Arc the Wifi for all connected clients is lost and the internet connection stops. Any ideas of how to solve the problem would be appreciated!!
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  1. A bit of a guess, but I see the Sony Arc supports WiFi hotspot, which means it can act as a wireless router. And that means it could be interfering w/ your Linksys wireless router on the same or nearby frequency. So either make sure the WiFi hitspot feature is disabled, or else using another frequency that doesn’t overlap w/ your Linksys wireless router.
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