Quadro 6000 or gtx 690

i want to know quadro 6000 better or gtx 690 better,but i see quadro 6000 everything is lower(colour bit,core speed) than gtx 690 without his 6 GB GDDR5,but i also that some people said quadro 6000 is better gtx 690 ,but why?
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  1. This card is made for picture and video rendering (Quadro 6000 ), and NOT for gaming,
    you can buy a GTX 690 and it would still be better for gaming than this card.

    It's not about which is more powerful than the other, its always about which is most suitable for the situation
  2. From Wikipedia:

    The Nvidia Quadro series of AGP, PCI, and PCI Express graphics cards comes from the NVIDIA Corporation. The cards' designers aimed to accelerate CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and DCC (digital content creation), and the cards are usually featured in workstations (compared to the NVIDIA GeForce product line, which specifically targets computer gaming).

    Just like merandos stated earlier, these cards are designed for different purposes.
    Quadro 600 will be better for rendering and stuff like that, whereas the GTX 690 will be superior when it comes to gaming.
  3. so quadro 6000 gaming performent will weaker that gtx 690
  4. do not use quadro for gaming dude, it's looks like ridiculous
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    jacky2 said:
    so quadro 6000 gaming performent will weaker that gtx 690

    Yes exactly, go for the gtx 690 no doubt about that
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