Motherboard not recognising VGA card no onboard vga

I have a new build that appears not to recognize my graphics card, (turn on computer, 1 long beep 3 short ones) the card's fan doesn't start to turn when the computer is switched on either. I do not have an onboard vga so i can't even access the bios because my screen can't get any signal.

I'm not sure if this is my gfx card or my motherboard, any advice would be helpfull! Also would it be any use trying a pci (not pcie) gfx card, because that's all i have handy.

Motherboard: Asus crosshair v formula
Ram: 16Gb it 2-8gb sport DDr3 - 1333 - (pc3 - 10600) Cl9
Cpu: AMD FX 4170
Power: alpine (not sure what model) 700W
Graphics: Amd Radeon HD 7870

Any advice or help in solving this issue would be greatly appreciated, especially as these components were an 18th birthday present and i REALLY want them to work.
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  1. Can not be certain but the PSU you have is awful. I wouldn't put it anywhere near a Crosshair Motherboard.

    Its more than likely the cause of your problems, 3 beeps is graphics card, Im guessing it may not be getting stable power.
  2. Also am I right in thinking that the PSU only has 1 pci-e 6pin connector? Are you using an adapter for the other?
  3. yes i am, also managed to find an older pcie gfx card (it was good 4 years ago) and when i try and turn my computer on it sort of screams, a really loud continuous beep, that doesnt stop untill you pull the power ( i think) i only lasted 5 seconds, and yes my power supply sucks.
  4. That's not in the manual unfortunately. There is a code for 5 beeps but doesn't sound like thats whats happening.

    No disrespect to you about the PSU, but definitely change it out. Its rated at 700w only provides 36A on the 12v rail and has 1 pcie connector.

    I don't think the company had any intentions of it powering your kind of set up.

    Any chance you could test it with another PSU?
  5. not one that has a chance of working, i only have a 300W for a glorified dvd player, also could you recommend some psu's because i have no idea what I'm looking for, or possibly tell me where i could find recommendations?
  6. Always stick with good brands of PSUs: Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, XFX. Make sure at least 80% of the rated wattage is on 12V rail (Formula: 12V * (Rated Amperage on 12V rail) / (Total wattage of the PSU) should be greater than or equal 0.8).
  7. Yes can do, the 7870 is very power efficient, but your set up is great for overclocking, which youll probably want to do with the fx4170, So I'd go with the recommended 600w+ PSU from a decent manufacturer like Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, XFX etc.

    Where abouts are you from? and I can help you find the best prices......
  8. Sunius said:
    Always stick with good brands of PSUs: Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, XFX. Make sure at least 80% of the rated wattage is on 12V rail (Formula: 12V * (Rated Amperage on 12V rail) / (Total wattage of the PSU) should be greater than or equal 0.8).

    beat me to it... :lol:
  9. I live in Bucks, i was thinking of hopping on a buss and heading down to novotech in reading, but if you have any suggestions, I'll happily take our advice, also the continuous wail means something is wrong with the vga.
  10. Thank you so so so much! I'll just grab my keys!
  11. Cool, post back when you've got it up and running. :)
  12. Ok so now I have a new PSU the fan on the gfx card starts but i can't get my monitor to register any signal, is this because i don't have an os installed, (i've tried pressing delete to enter the bios, but i have an ancient keyboard, and would a usb/old socket affect my ability to enter the bios) or do i have yet another problem?
  13. Try to replace the RAM and make sure your VGA is connected with monitor via DVI or HDMI or whatever
  14. VGA is definitely connected to my monitor, i don't have any other ddr3 to replace it with :( anything else i could try?
  15. List all of the PSU connectors you have connected somewhere. You might have missed something.
  16. 2 to the motherboard - the big one and an 8 pin
    1 to the HDD
    1 to the DVD
    2 6 pin to the GFX card
    Also i don't think it's the ram, the warning light doesn't come on when attempting to switch on
  17. Do you have another graphics card to try? You said your old card doesn't work in this motherboard, but can you confirm that the old card is working in another PC? If it is, your motherboard may be faulty.
  18. when you power up the keyboard..the old ps-2 one do you see the keyboard num lock or any other keys blink?? most mb will poll the keyboard..depending on the keyboard the polling may be to late to get into the bios. (you may have to mash the del key at power up too..most asus mb the default wait time is only a few sec.). there two ways to force the mb to go into the bios. hold a lot of keys down on the keyboard and force a keyboard stuck key time out. or use the clear cmos jumper and clear the cmos..on power up from clearing the cmos you should get the hit f1 key to go into the bios.
  19. I haven't tried it today, but my old gfx card worked fine yesterday (in my old computer), so it's probably the motherboard?
  20. Yes I'm afraid it is the motherboard then. I wouldn't worry about money spent on the power supply though, you needed to replace it anyway - that alpine thing may have blown up at any second - it was a ticking time bomb!
  21. Thanks, I guess I'll be sending the motherboard back then...and putting my old gfx card back in the old computer, no lights came on on either my old or new keyboard when powering up, and I've done plenty of 'delete' mashing...doesn't seem to be working :( thanks for the help - and the warning about my useless psu.
  22. Remember to post back when the motherboard replacement comes back.
  23. Ah one other VERY IMPORTANT should check whether your motherboard is properly fitted to the casing with appropriate screws because most mobos especially the Asus ones came with a technology that runs an electro magnetic field over your motherboard and checks whether it has been properly fitted and not grounded from any part to the casing itself (forgot the name of the technology :P)...So you must remove the mobo from the casing and refit it following proper directions on mobo manual.

    Good luck mate :)
  24. Well if the graphics card fan is spinning up and it wasn't doing that before its a good sign.

    I wouldn't return the mobo just yet, try clearing the CMOS incase any settings were changed while button mashing on the last PSU. Maybe try different inputs like DVI.

    What about post beeps?
  25. I get one, a long gap, then another (both short) for the beeps, motherboard is definitely installed properly. I'll try clearing the cmos and report back!
  26. Tried clearing the cmos, no change :(
  27. Disconnect your HDD and DVD rom and try again....and remove any USB hubs or any peripheral card from the PC
  28. Only other thing I can think of is that the board wont post if your CPU fan isn't connected properly. Probably not that though as I think it shuts itself down.

    I would try the old graphics card in it again.

    It may be the board or graphics card, just have a feeling its something else.

    Try what pasanwc said and refit the motherboard screws, I remember seeing that somewhere, that someone had overtightened them and was causing similar problems.

    Failing all that I suppose you could return it. Hope you get sorted soon :)
  29. Taken all the extras out, re-fitted my mobo and tried my old gfx card again, no change, the old card still makes a really loud long beep
    Thanks again :)
  30. Tried old gpu on my old mobo...i get the same beep now, which is odd because i didn't get anything about 4 hours before when it was on the same old mobo, i already applied for an rma from asus, they'll pick up the board in a week, could my problem actually be my new gpu?
  31. It could.. It's very strange that neither card works in neither board.
  32. Ok so now i have a new motherboard, (the rma took forever)'s different, but i still get no screen and the boot device error led is on when i try to get it started.the bios is fine, i checked with asus....anyone got any ideas?
  33. Re connected the hdd for the 8th time and now the light goes off, still no gfx though (I'm using a 700W Novatech PSU so i don't think the power is the problem, any ideas)?
  34. So the new mobo has improved it in some way?

    Did ASUS confirm there was a fault with the old one?

    Have you tried your old graphics card again? It may have been the PSU you had originally and you were unfortunate to have the mobo and graphics taken out.
  35. Yes to the first question, asus didn't confirm anything but i went through their (slow) tech help and they told me to rma. I'll try my old gpu and get back to you
  36. Cool let us know how it goes.....
  37. Old gpu didn't work, but i changed screens and it sometime between dissembling my old pc and putting together my new one, my screen broke...borrowed a new screen it works! thanks for all your help!!
  38. Ah... Good stuff... you can finally start enjoying your birthday present! :)

    Maybe it wasn't working the whole time, thats why you were not seeing a post screen.

    No worries glad to help, enjoy your new setup
  39. before i rma'd the mobo i tried it on mum's screen and no luck...but now...more issues! windows seems to think i have a generic microsoft vga...with 16mb of dedicated memory..., my lan port isnt recognised by windows, half my usb's don't have drivers...and my cd drive makes a strange noise...i seem to be very bad at putting pc's together
  40. You're doing alright, its a learning process!

    Sounds like you haven't got all your chip-set, LAN, USB drivers etc installed.... they can be found here:

    As for the dvd drive im not sure, let me know if your still having problems with that after you get everything else working
  41. Thank you so much! I know have internet, although it was pretty confusing trying to install the drivers without a mouse (only 2 of my usb's worked), i'll update when i know about if the usb/gfx drivers fix the problem
  42. No probs, glad to see you making progress :)

    Chipset drivers etc are the most important and should be installed first, then reboot before installing anything else.
  43. It's all working now! Thank you so so so much!
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