I5 temps - are these normal ?

Hello! First time poster here, but I'll try and be as specific I can.

I have an I5 750 on an asus P7P55D-E mobo.

I have'n cleaned the insides of the PC for 4 years (I know, shame on me..) So today I took it apart and cleaned it thoroughly with a combination of clean cotton cloth/compressed air can. Amazing how many dust was in there ...

Anyways, I have also removed the heat sink from the CPU. I applied the thermal paste to the best of my ability, and would like to ask if my temperatures are a-okay or not.

CoreTemp reads 50-55 on startup (win7 ultimate x64) and stays 50-60 under normal circumstances as watching 1080p movies, browsing, music listening etc etc. I have tried playing some games like Mass Effect 3 /WoW and Assassins Creed 3 for 2 hours, and my temps peaked at 60-65.

I have also downloaded Prime95 for stress testing. Under this test these are my results, It has been running now 20-30 minutes:

It has got to these values in around 2 minutes and it seems stable oscillating between 78-81c.

Is this normal or should I be worried that I applied the thermal paste wrong, or that my airflow is not good ? My system is not overclocked.

I haven't tried rendering in 3dsMax and After Effects yet, but those are the softwares that I think might cause trouble in the future.

Any help and input is much appreciated.
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  1. That sounds high to me. I run an 8 core AMD cpu and it never gets above 40c even under heavy loads or gaming. Make sure the CPU fan is working, try and apply more thermal paste, add fans to the case, make sure your cooler is good enough for the CPU if you have an aftermarket cooler. Also go into the BIOS and check the temperature because your software may be faulty.
  2. im sorry for the huge image, I tried replacing it with a link but the forum wouldn't let me..

    Anyways I just stopped Prime 95 and all my temps dropped below 40, stable at 37-38. I guess it gets a bit hotter on startup and then drops to this on idle.
  3. What heatsink are you using? aftermarket or the ordinary intel one?

    Even with an intel one you'd get pretty good temps, those do seem pretty high to be honest. You may of applied too much thermal paste as this can hinder how much heat is dissipated. (right word?)
  4. While you are temperatures are not dangerous they are higher than I would expect them under normal conditions. I would check to make sure your HSF (heatsink/fan) is seated well. If you are using the Intel® stock HSF than reach in and give each of the twist clips a pull straight up. If you can pull any of them it means that you didn't have the HSF well seated.
  5. Yes its the ordinary intel one. I just tried pulling up the pins holding it in, it seems like its seated alright. Since I just cleaned out the dust, is it possible my air flow is wrong somehow ? I would like to rule that out before removing the sink again and retrying the thermal paste.
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