SABERTOOTH X79, i7 3820, GTX560= All Games Crash?

New system:

SABERTOOTH X79 Bios 2104
GTX560 OC (Defaut settings) (latest nvidia drivers)
8GB (2x4GB) Memory
Windows 7 64bit (Clean install on HDD)

Old System:

Gigabyte MB
Core 2 Duo E6430 2.13
GTX560 OC (Defaut settings) (latest nvidia drivers)
4GB Memory
Windows 7 64bit (Clean install on HDD)

Clean install of windows, drivers, updates, etc. Defrag HDD before installing any new software. Installed new games on separate partition. Installed any updates/patches. Defrag game partition.

Crysis 2 : Crashes every time after about 1-2 min of play.

Assassin's Creed 2: Locks up(for a few seconds) after about 10 min of play, then OK, then crashes a few min later.

COD MW3: Crashes every time after about 1-2 min of play.

L.A. Noire : Took about 20+ times install, Crash, unable to play, uninstall, start over. Was able to start the game twice, but crashes in 1-2 min.

I've read and tried every fix or workaround I could find. Nothing is working? Had no problems with older system. Haven't even wasted time trying to install any other games yet. I've been trying to get this new system working for over a week, and haven't been able to enjoy it yet!!! :pfff:

Any advice? Need any other info on new system? Could it be the new UEFI (Bios) affecting things?

Steve B
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  1. All updated drivers for the MOBO? Chipset etc.? basically everything that Asus has for download on their site.
  2. Yes, and for the video card...
  3. Switched over to the Motherboard Sound device from the (old) SB Audigy. Had no problems with it last time, and everything was updated? Maybe compatibility issue with the motherboard? Only running 2.1 speakers, so haven't upgraded the sound card.

    All games seem to be running better now, played them for about a half an hour then quit. Except, MW3 lasted about two levels and then crashed to desktop???
  4. Hmmmmmm.... What do your system temps look like when you're gaming?
  5. I checked them after the crashes and just a few min ago, all below 50c. Played Skyrim last night maxed out on HD textures, etc. CPU 50-51c, VCORE 53-55c MOBO 50c, no problems.

    So far I believe it was the older sound card/drivers.

    I plan to finish of the the build with a new case, PSU, maybe go SLI. I guess I'll look at new sound cards too?
  6. Temps are a little warmer than I like too keep but they don't look high enough to be causing an issue(keep in mind I'm not sure what the temp range for your i7 is)
    I've never seen a sound card cause these issues, but if the system is running right without it..... it may be a comapatability issue.... Is MW3 still crashing out?
  7. I think I found the problem... Every time I start up or when I shut down the computer, the graphics drivers get deleted? I think this is what is happening? To get the games to work I have to install the drivers for my card every time I start the computer. When I do, the games work flawlessly.

    Is there a way to find out what is deleting/moving these files? I do use CCleaner, maybe I clicked a tab in there that is clearing the files?

    Thanks for any help
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