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Hi guys,

just got back into gaming after a year or 2 and was thinking it might be time to do some upgrades but havent been keeping up to date with the latest cards. Here are my current specs:

CPU: Intel 6600 G0

Graphics: ATI 3870X2

Mobo: Asus P5QL

PSU: Corsair 500 Watt

Although I got the 3870X2 for a cheap price of £30 it's very noisy at times and looking for something quiet and more up to date.

My budget is about £100-£150 as I'm not planning on gaming alot since I'm going into final year at uni but will be playing on breaks I have. I have looked at a a few cards namely PowerColor PCS+ Radeon HD 6870 OC and the Nvidia 560 Ti.

Bit reluctant at the moment to spend £160 on the 560 Ti and possibly looking for something in between if anyone has any suggestions. I am not planning on overclocking either but having the potential is a bonus.
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  1. Either one of those gpus would be fine for a casual gamer gtx560 ti being better of course.. However, if you could wait for another month or so, the gtx660 ti series would hit the market. This may benefit you in one of 2 ways- 1. You can get a gtx660 which is likely to be 2x better than the gtx560 or
    2. Due to the unbeatable price/performance of the gtx660, the higher end amd hd7850/ 7870 and even the hd7950 price would slash within your budget.

    IMHO it'd be worth the wait.
  2. Cheers for that Shamsmu, I think i'll hang around a month then and check out the prices before making a decision.

    Will there be any need to upgrade my PSU if I opt for one of the higher end cards or is 500 sufficient?
  3. a corsair cx500 should be more than sufficient for a hd7850, hd7870, gtx 670 and most likely the new gtx660 as well(99.9% likely).
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