Cpu cooler for i7-3770k


i'm having the choice between the zalman 9900 MAX and Corsair 40 series hydro. the price is around 35£ for both.

which one is the best for an i7-3770k @ 3.5ghz? or a different

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  1. Hi, you should not use anything less than a Corsair H80, as it will most likely result in frying your CPU, if you want a good cpu cooler for i7 cpu's, get something like a corsair H80, H80i, H100, or H100i.
  2. cpu water cooler or aftermarket cpu cooler is, in my view, if you want the pc to be more quite or if you want to overclock, if you're in for OC then go with corsair h100, or h20 620 if you're on the budget otherwise stay with the stockcooler.
  3. Hello

    i have been using a h40 for half a year, and it's running perfect. never temps above 50degC
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