Which graphics card should I get????

So I have this graphics card ordered and it will be here tomorrow, , But the one I really really wanted got back in stock as it shipped, , which one is better in your all's opinion and why? Thanks all.
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  1. I'll take the one with twin fans any day of the week. just my 2cents.
  2. Yeah I liked the one with one because it pushes all the hot air out the back of the case
  3. Think you're going to be happier with the one you're getting. I'll never buy another one with a reference-style blower. Freakin loud and it's obnoxious. A reasonably well vented case keeps the open cooler from being a problem.
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    The one with twin fans will cool better and quieter at load and will be fine as long as your case has good ventilation

    The one with 1 fan will be fine for most things but at load will be louder and if in badly ventilated case, may reduce the temps of other parts since it vents out
  5. My case has 2 230mm fans and 3 120mm fans
  6. I love my sapphire 7850 2gb which has a Dual fan, keep the one you're going with

    Quiet @ 60% fan speed and keeps temps about 50-55oc load(BF3) which is pretty damn good to say my core is at 1100
  7. Any tips on OC'ing
  8. I like Sapphire TriXX the most since it allows you to change voltage and OC out of the box while MSI afterburner requires you to edit it to get you voltages
  9. HIS iTurbo I think also allows for voltage change, I will check them both out and compare
  10. The one you ordered is very good it even has better cooling I would stick whit that one that way you don,t have to wait to get another one
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