Advice for OC on fx8350

Hi all,
I am looking for some advice on OC'ing my 8350 and if you think its even a good idea on my mobo. I did OC my phenom 965BE to 3.8 with just the auto OCer in the BIOS (nothing else was stable). My case gets excellent airflow and I'm using a Hyper 212 evo, plus living in a very cold environment i have not seen my temps go over 38C. So I was looking to get a good stable OC as high as is recommended to be safe and the best process for accomplishing this. Thanks for any help

AsRock 990fx Extreme 3
Rosewill 630W 80 plus certified
Video Card
gigabyte 7870
OCZ Vertex 4
WD Caviar 500GB
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  1. I'll advise you not to overclock 8350 not bcoz its a 8 core processor but the benchmarks lower a bit when its overclocked. Its benchmarks are better without OC so leave it as it is
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    Gity... posting this if you've already not come across it:

    it's a great guide.

    good luck
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  4. Wow perfect thank you I had not seen this yet and it is an excellent guide!
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