Help with monitor - dvi-i monitor but dvi-d minidisplayport


Trying to find an answer before i leave work so i can pick up the right cable on the way home.

So f'in annoying.

I got this:

sadly, the link i read for my monitor, said dvi-d but i found a working link at teh samsung site (P2770H) and the link says the monitor is dvi-i.

SO now, learned that dvi-i looks different than dvi-i but the adapter is only dvi-d.

Now, this is my 3rd monitor. But it came with no cable. I want to know, if i buy a dvi-d to dvi-d monitor cable, can the dvi-d cable fit and work on a monitor that is dvi-i?

i think shape wise, it should fit, but will it work? or do i have to call samsung to ask?


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  1. A DVI-I port carries both analog (VGA) and digital signals and will connect to a DVI-D device with no issues. Just get your basic DVI monitor/display cable and you'll be good to go.
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