Hp pavilion 752n turns on then off

Its turns on like normal fan spining lights on. Then turns 3 secs later. Can any body help?
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  1. Possibly a faulty PSU, in which case it needs replacing. That's the first thing I would do - fit a new PSU.
  2. check the cpu fan and and make sure the cpu heatsink didnt come loose.
  3. If you have added a new Video card recently, you also have to account for the extra power requirement f the vidoe card. HP only fit in standard PSU possibly only about 350 watts so you would need about a 650 watt PSU for better results.

    Sometimes it can be that the thermal paste has dried up and is not giving proper heat transference between the CPU and heat sink and the CPU temps are halting the PC. If possible, boot up and then go to bios and check the CPU temps in PC Health tab (or whatever HP have for that setting).
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