PSU Help! Want To Upgrade GPU!

I want to upgrade my GPU from a Nvidia 610 gtx 1gb to an Nvidia 650 Ti 2gb that happens to be factory OC (it is the version made by gigabyte). My PC's Specs are
Mother Board: Msi 760-P34FX with AMD3+ chipset
CPU: AMD FX-6100
RAM: 8gb (2x4gb)
HDD: 500gb (sata 2)
Disk Drive: DVD RW+/-
GPU: Nvidia 610 GTX
PSU: 500w solid gear (with no PCI 6 pin -_-)
Fans: It has 3 12v fans (1 runs off mother board the other 2 are powered by the PSU

My big question is WILL I HAVE TO UPGRADE POWER SUPPLIES before i upgrade my GPU?
I have used several different wattage calculators One recommending a 600w and One Recommending a 450w One. The 6 pin connector doesn't worry me because i have an couple extra molex connectors that i can use with a 6 pin adapter. I am wondering if my system can handle this new card which is also over clocked. Because the card i have ATM runs off power from the motherboards PCI. My last question is if my 500w power supply will work does it matter what what molex connectors i use. Can i use the 6pin adapter off of molex connectors that are on 2 separate 12v rails.

P.S. I bought this computer about a month ago off of newegg because it had a great CPU for the price. However i just got into Tera Online (Semi New MMO). Right now i only get 20-30 fps on lowest graphics. I am also not sure if im in the right section notify me if i am and ill move it.

Any help would be Appreciated,
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  1. Based on your system specs, i would recommend you upgrade your PSU to 600 or 650 watts. Your current PSU might be able to handle the new GPU but it would be cutting it extremely close, depending on how much power your mother board requires.
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    Your card now i believe only recomends a 300w psu, plus your 95w CPU, you still have a 100w overhead. It recomends a 400w psu or greater for a 650ti. You add in the 95w the CPU would use.. yea I'd recommend a new PSU. 600 to 650w would be good. That would give you some overhead if you want to add another card

    Maybe this PSU?
    Rosewill Green Series RG630-S12 630W
    well rated PSU, but i don't know your budget. If budget isn't a problem i recommend a corsair PSU. Cost more, but very well built
  3. The GB 650ti OC edition is spec'd at 100w. This thing could run on a good quality 300w power supply. Unfortunately your no-name power supply leaves us wondering... if its 500w rating is peak then its continuous rating would be around 300-350 (if it didnt lie about being 500w)

    I would upgrade thepower supply unless you feel like gambling. At good quality 400-450w until will more than run your system. add another 100w if you plan on eventually overclocking the processor too.
  4. Thanks Guys! You Helped A lot! I will probably go with a 600-650w power so i don't have any problems down the road.
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