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So I recently bought myself an MSI CX61 and it worked great until a day after I bought it. It suddenly began having these moments where it would hang briefly then resume again. This brief moment ranged from a slight hiccup to a full one to two second freeze. I took a quick video a while back as a reference, I apologize for the terrible quality:
Notable times:
0:06, 0:52, 1:24, 1:35, 3:40
The ones in bold were the worst freezes of the bunch.
Anyways, I've gone through a process of weaving down potential causes and the cause I am most sure on is the HDD. I ran the resource monitor next to my game and, from as far as I have observed, every time I experienced a freeze, the Highest Active Time would spike up from 0-5% to 40-100%. Longer lasting freezes (similar to the one at 3:40 in the video) made it spike to 100% while the smaller ones were somewhere between 40 and 90%.
I also noticed these spikes occurring outside my games as well including my internet browser and any other application that I may be using at the moment. The highest active time would just spike up to 100%. I have occasionally had it spike when I was doing nothing, but looking at the resource monitor.
Here is an example of how the resource manager looked like after the system froze briefly when using MSPaint (coincidentally I was saving another screenshot of the resource manager when this occured):

One more thing that might be good to mention is when the Highest Active Time shoots up, I've noticed my laptop makes a particular sound like as if something is booting up. From how it sounds, I think it could be the hard drive. I can only hear it when I am not running any games since the fan is more quiet, so I am unsure if this happens in all cases.
Anyways, I am at a complete standstill on this as I've never experienced anything quite like this in my experience with computers. I've looked around online for potential solutions and the ones I encountered either did not work, or no solution was reached. Anyone know what is the exact issue and and a solution to negate this problem? I'll be glad to provide any additional info that may help in a diagnosis.


Oh and here are the more detailed specifications of my laptop:
Intel i5-3210M @ 2.5 GHz (4 CPUs)
Nvidia GeForce GT 640M (2 GB DDR3 Dedicated)
Intel HD Graphics 4000 (used on less demanding programs)
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  1. Any suspicions about the state of the hard drive can be confirmed by testing it with free diagnostic software from the drive manufacturer. Because it's a system drive you can't test it properly with any Windows-based software, so you''l need to use a DOS bootable CD version.

    I normally suggest SeaTools for DOS, but myself and others have had several problems with it, including it not recognising USB mouse or keyboard when many other DOS-based utilities (like the Hitachi one below) have no problem recognising them.

    I therefore recommend you use the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test from here:

    Click the last download link "CD IMAGE (2,720 K)" which will give you an ISO file.
    Then download and install IMGBurn:

    Use IMGBurn to create a CD from the Hitachi ISO file, then boot your laptop from it.
  2. Just tried out the tool you provided there in the link. It boots up fine, but for some odd reason it cannot find my storage devices. One thing I did forget to mention is that my HDD is split into two partitions, C and D. Could that play any role towards the initial problem or the problem I am facing with the boot program right now?
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