HD6950 in Crossfire - 3 displays?

Afternoon all,

I have just configured 2x Radeon HD6950's in crossfire which work properly, with all of the up to date drivers installed.

I am currently trying to set up 3 monitors, all 1920x1080, to work separately, and am having a few problems.

I understand that I can only use 3 monitors on the one card with an active DP connection, but I assumed that if I set two monitors up via DVI on the primary card, and the final monitor on the secondary card via HDMI/DVI, there wouldn't be any conflict and I wouldn't need an active adaptor.

In short this hasn't worked so do I have to set up all monitors on the primary card with an active adaptor, or is there something I am perhaps missing?

Thanks in advance for any help guys!
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  1. they have to be on the primary.
    here is a list of AMD Eyefinity Validated Dongles for the dp active connection
  2. It is necessary to have all monitors plugged into one card and be using at least one ACTIVE DP adapter. It is VERY preferable to use an Active DP -> DVI (single link) adapter such as:

    Read Hugo's posts in the sticky they contain the info you need:
  3. You can run with 3 monitors the way you have setup if you disable crossfire. When crossfire is enabled, you can only use the outputs on one video card (as the previous posters pointed out). When not gaming you could always disable crossfire and use the outputs on the second card, then re-enable crossfire for gaming (if gaming on one monitor). It seems like with 3 screens though that you're going for EyeFinity which means all monitors MUST be connected to one card.
  4. Thank you to everyone for the responses! I was thinking of switching it to DVI and this swings it, and thanks for the useful links to adaptors as well :)

    I was trying to mark this 'solved' but couldn't find out how, so apologies for that one, and thanks again!
  5. The administrators mark it "solved" after you pick the "best answer".
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