Please help about my cpu any damage?

i removed my cpu to clean it
so i changed the cpu thermal compound

after i finished the cpu fan speed was at 1500 rpm
the computer case was open

i restart my computer and now the fan sped is 2800 rpm as normal (before removing the cpu to clean it)
the tempreture now is
cpu 31 c
cpu core 1 46 c
cpu 1 core 2 33 c

i did now run any games yet im only opening internet exlorer
i have 2 questions

1-any damage to my cpu because as i said when run my computer the first time
after cleaning and changing the thermal compund the cpu speed fan was at 1500 rpm only?
i did not look at the tempretures first time

2-does these tempretures normal
cpu 31 c
cpu core 1 46 c
cpu 1 core 2 33 c
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  1. If your processors is an Intel® processor your temperatures are not something to be concerned about. Also it is to be expected that there will be a difference from one core to another.

    If you are using the stock Intel® HSF you check to make sure that it is seated well but reaching in and giving each of the twist clips a pull. If you can pull any of them than they werent locked and this could be the reason for the higher fans speeds.
  2. thank you for your reply
    yes im using core2duo intel processor
    my question why
    in the first time after i cleaned and reaplied the thermal
    my cpu speed fan was 1500 rpm the case was open
    then when i reboot my computer it is as normal again 2800 rpm

    any damage to my cpu because of the low rpm speed at the first time?
  3. Nope there is no damage from the processor's HSF running slow. It is all about heat in this issue. If the processor didnt reach to above 85°C than there is no change of hurting the processor. So the reach it ran slow at the start was most likely due to the system adjusting to the cleaning and new thermal paste and then going back to it normal path as it found balance.
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