USB stopped working and no connection to screen

Hi everyone, loved this site since years back. I've been reading up on problems until some days ago when I, myself, encountered a problem with my Machine.

My specs:

Asus P5K - Original (not SE or anything else, sigh right?)
Intel Core2duo E6750 - 2,66Ghz (not OC - stock cooler)
Nvidia 9800GTX+ (tested with a 8800GTS and a 8800GT, same results)
Corsair HX520w PSU

I was playing Path of Exile and suddenly my computer froze. It's an old piece of antique. This time, it didn't recover. When I try turning the power on nothing works. The USB ports are dead, no signal to the screen. The SATA's are working tho, it sounds like it's booting up but I can't do anything.

The things that are working are:

The CPU-Fan
All the other Fans
The LED-Lights, yey
The PSU spins like it uses to (tested the corsair tutorial to check if it recieves the connection)

It doesn't sound anything out of the ordinary. Which is weird.

I've tried different GPU's
I've removed/attached the battery
I've switched the jumper on the Motherboard
I've tried running it without RAM (Get the beeps)
But when I try running without the graphic-card (No beeps)
Different screen

Tried Breadboarding aswell. I put the card in the oven as a last resort, nothing happened (worked on an old 8800GT LOL)

Is there anything more I can do than test another MotherBoard/PSU?

Thanks in advance. A huge fan.
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  1. sounds like some part of the motherboard died, with power lights, fans, and hdds will power on, and since 3 diff gpus didnt solve anything, i would assume either motherboard or cpu, if things have power going to them, etc
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